Our School

Our School

A.J. Baker is a small rural school located in Kintore. Our population of 146 Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 students is drawn from the surrounding rural area. One of our most valued assets is our families' great sense of community and active involvement in our school. Our parents are our strongest supporters. The strong partnership we enjoy helps us in enhancing our children’s learning opportunities and experiences. Our Parent Involvement Committee members dedicate their time and energy to improving student learning and enhancing programs at A.J. Baker. Our Fall Family Welcome is held in September (check the date on our calendar) and our annual Fun Fair gives our families the opportunity to meet and mingle. We have a committed staff whose emphasis is on the improvement of student learning through academics and programs including music, athletics, student council and clubs. At A.J. Baker, we ensure that we can all learn and enhance our personal best in a community that is sensitive to the needs, interest and aspirations of all its members.

Volunteers at the School

If you are interested in volunteering at the school, you will need to have an up-to-date Criminal Background Check on file. Please drop into the office to pick up the form that you need to begin the process. Once your background check has been completed, you can continue on a year-by-year basis by completing an annual offence declaration. Getting this process completed early in the school year is highly recommended.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  •    assisting students in classrooms
  •    classroom teacher support
  •    volunteer reading program
  •    accompany students on field trips
  •    involvement with our Parent Involvement Committee and School Council
  •    snack program